Delivered from stock


Delivered from stock

Personal protection

"Intelligent clothing for optimal protection"

No other clothing collection needs to meet such high demands as workwear.
For good reason, since it protects your employees from external influences. 

Wearing the right type of clothes heat, cold, rain, chemicals and passing traffic are conquered with ease. Whatever conditions they have to face, work can continue. Exactly how you like to see it.

Naturally you also value a good fit and attractive design. We understand you are critical towards the quality of workwear and would like to see the extra mile. If you would ask us, the demands for the level of protectiveness can never be too high.

Protective clothing

"with great Care for your employees"

Profashionals supplies a large collection of workwear out of stock as a standard. For every NEN/ISO standard we have surprising options to show. Your choice is always right since the clothing we add to our collection always meets all necessary standards. 

Feel free to ask our advice about the norms set for your type of industry or work. We take it personal when it comes to the safety and comfort of your employees.

Veiligheidskleding profashionals bedrijfskleding

Custom made from stock

Besides the regulated standards we like to see clothing in practice. Who are the people wearing the workwear?
What do they need to work safely and without hinder?


Workwear is made from a firm and durable material. Workwear is produced from high quality materials which are tested thoroughly on a high number of movements. Our clothing is highly durable.

Water penetration

Our workwear is tested under high and low pressure on the level of water penetration. Only when our workwear passes the test with flying colors it meets our high standards.

martindale test voor bedrijfskleding

Martindale test

Using the Martindale-test we test the wear resistance of our workwear. The textiles are forced against the sanding surface. We take pride in the fact the norm is set at 30.000 movements. But our collection passes this test with over 50.000 movements.

Fitting possibilities

"Workwear for every industry"

No matter the standards or demands your workwear has to meet, we are happy to surprise you with a number of perfectly fitting solutions. Whether you need clothing that breathes, is water resistant or windproof. Whether you seek high visibility, wear resistance or a combination of both.

Our stock collections are just as varied as the number of industries we supply. From road workers to the Ministry of Waterways and Public Works and from industrial workers to multinorm parkas, we will dress your employees safe and comfortable.

When it comes to recognizability we are happy to help. Creative use of color combinations and logos will give your workwear it’s own particular look and feel. We like to exchange ideas and dare to come up with surprising solutions. Profashionals listens, advices and offers peace of mind in all areas.