Corporate clothing

Ready to wear

Ready to wear corporate clothing

"A line of clothing that is made to fit"

Your employees come in all sorts and sizes. You want everyone of them to shine in a costumes that fits perfectly. Is that even possible without tailor-made costumes? It sure is!

With our lines of clothing for business we can dress every posture. The costumes are available in different fits, from slim fit to comfort fit. Adding to that we hold three different lengths of every model. Combine as you wish and make sure every employee looks top-notch.

When we talk about a costume we don’t think about jackets and trousers only, but also matching shirts or blouses, waistcoats, skirts and scarfs. Or to say; the complete package!

rack with suits by profashionals

The charm of ready to wear corporate wear

"a combination of ease and class"

Our corporate wear represents class. Thanks to using high-end materials suits fit perfectly. They are available in a variety of materials, fits and colors. Our corporate wear is suited for intensive usage and can even be machine washed.

In the market for something even more complete? Choose to let us add your company logo. Together with our fast delivery times, accuracy and the guarantee your corporate wear will stay available you can rest assured: this line of clothing fits and surprises!

Prevent alternations

Because of the different fits and sizes in our collection we can directly dress approximately 98% of your employees. The costumes that are left can be made to fit with a few small addaptions by our seamstresses. In example by adjusting the waist or to alter the length of the trousers.

A new employee? Or is one of your employees in need of a different size? We will make sure you order is delivered fast.

Inventory management

When fast isn’t fast enough we can keep a base stock in our warehouse, with or without your company logo. We deliver these on demand. One message is enough to receive the right costume, or parts of it. Like taking the clothing out of your own closet.

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