About Profashionals

"Passion for corporate fashion"

About Profashionals

"Passion for corporate fashion"

We specialize in workwear & corporate fashion.

Profashionals designs, produces and supplies corporate fashion & workwear for large and small businesses in every industry.

We do this with a team of fourteen motivated Profashionals, each having their own specialisation.

We are here to offer advice, inspiration and pragmatic support in all areas of corporate clothing and workwear. We know the market and its possibilities inside out. Therefore we are seen as a partner instead of just a supplier. We like to work with you. Bring in new ideas and spot opportunities regarding efficiency and overall savings. 

Profashionals doesn’t just deliver what you ask, but that what you need.
Asking questions that go beyond the order itself is what makes the difference.

Our Clients

We work for a variety of clients both inland as abroad.
Though we regularly receive common questions, a common answer is rarely possible. Profashionals always delivers custom made solutions, even regarding in-stock clothing. In order to do this we have all disciplines necessary:

'Offering a ready solutions for every question'

Profashionals bedrijfskleding - textielmachines in fabriek

Corporate Social Responsibility

"respecting people and the environment"

We feel a responsibility for the world around us. This reflects in the way we run our company. When possible we limit the usage of scarce resources. Both in the production process of our clothing as in the conditioning of it.

We’ve set three priorities concerning our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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1. Business management

We hold high standards for sustainable operations. Not only on our side but on our suppliers sides as well. To minimize our ecological footprint we aim to stimulate sustainable production techniques. Every chance to save water, energy or resources is worthwhile pursueing. Naturally without comprimising quality or working conditions.

2. Supply chain management

Your corporate clothing and workwear are produced in an honest and fair manner. Every production location we hold in the Netherlands, Europe and Asia is subjected to tight controles. Doing this allows us to garantee childlabor is excluded. We are fully transparant and expect the same from our suppliers.

3. Raw materials

Every piece of clothing we offer is made from high quality materials. The main advantages of high quality materials are the facts our clothing last longer but it also needs less water to clean it.

Next to the well known textiles like cotton and polyester you can choose to have clothing made from sustainable or recycled materials.

Examples are Tencel (an artificial fibre made from natural materials coming from sustained forests) or Bamboo in combination with CoolDry/Coolmax.

Clothing made from these alternative materials can be fully recycled at the end of it’s lifecycle should you apply for this. 

If you like an even more sustainable solution we can even offer clothing made from recycled materials like PET bottles.


Can you imagine how much used and worn out clothing is around worldwide? The Netherlands alone accounts for 524 milion pounds of old textiles.

Seeing those stacked would accumulate quite the mountain. We feel a responsibility for this ever growing environmental issue. Therefore we like to offer you the possibility to recycle you worn out clothing.

How our recycleproces works?

Clothing is sorted by colors and things like buttons and zippers are removed. Raw materials are then regained from the remaining textiles. Creating the possibility to create new clothing or usable products from these. Think of isolation materials, parts for furnitures or the car manufacturing industry. 

If your are interested in recycling we are happy to inform you about the textiles suited for recycling.

Full facilitation

Profashionals can drastically reduce time and energy you need to spend on maintaining corporate clothing or workwear and logistics that come with it.

Examples are:

  • We keep your clothing in stock and deliver when needed per location or end user;
  • Clothing is picked up following a fixed cycle. Gets washed, repaired if needed and delivered back to you;
  • Easily order in bulk, per name of the end user or per location using your personal online portal. 

Core values

We are not your typical supplier that offers the standard solutions. You’ll notice that from the first moment you get into contact with us.
Profashionals is proud for our creativity and the way we take care of everything for you. By really listening to your wishes and challenges and thinking proactively together with you we’ll again and again manage to surprise you with perfect solutions.


We keep our promises. And you may keep us to that. Here at Profashionals we go the distance for our clients and fulfil what we promised. Always.


From advice to production and delivery; fourteen highly motivated Profashionals each specialised on different areas take care of all your clothing needs. Your corporate clothing and workwear gets the best treatment and maximum attention.


Choosing Profashionals exceeds choosing a supplier. It means choosing a partner for you corporate clothing and workwear. We are here to help you to get maximum efficiency and savings.


Offering knowledge and expertise is in our DNA.
Groundbreaking, innovative and always keen on offering the best solution for all your wants and need when it comes to corporate clothing and workwear.